In 2008 we held a 2-Man event in an attempt to attract more local golfers. There was no honouree in 2008.

2007 saw the honouring of Roy & Evelyn Cornfield. Roy and his wife were the primary greenskeeping force for many years here at our course. "Whatever it took" was their motto in keeping the course in tip-top shape for normal and tournament play. They were both honoured recipients of life members status.

2006 saw the honouring of William (Bill) Hanley of the Men's Open. Bill was the honouree from a number of seasons prior, but since no formal recognition was made amongst the participants of honouring on our wall of honourees, it was decided to honour Bill officially in this manner.

2005 saw Dave Desrosiers honoured at the Men's Open. Dave, a long-time resident of Terrace Bay and a life member of the Club, was present to accept the accolades. In years past Dave was a very involved member and instrumental in the future health of our Club. A very important point to mention is that Dave also sponsored our Senior/Junior tournament for some 33 years. He was very pleased to be selected as the honouree in 2005. We all hope to see Dave back for many more seasons of golf.

In 2004 we honoured Joe Adamo as the memorial honoree of the Men's Open tournament. Joe was a strong component in the formation of our golf course. We were pleased to have Greg (Grandson) and Bob (Son) Adamo participating in the tournament.

In 2003 we honoured Jack Thomas as the memorial honoree of the Men's Open tournament. Jack was very instrumental in the formation of our golf course. A framed picture was donated by the Thomas family, who attended the tournament ceremonies, to hang in the Club House.

The 2002 Men's Open Memorial Tournament was held in honour of Thor Olsen, one of the Founders of the Golf Club. The Club was privileged to receive a visit from members of Thor's family. Daughter Christine Friesen (nee Olsen) and son Ray Olsen were present to inform participants and members of their father's dedication and involvement as well as to award the winner with the trophy. The Olsen family also presented the Club with a framed picture of Thor along with a memorable caption.

The 2001 Men's Open Memorial Tournament was held in honour of Hector McLeod who was one of the original people involved in the formation of the Golf Course (and I don't mean someone involved in contracting out the construction work). Hector had a lot of vision and optimism in chopping trees and clearing the tract for the current course. Although not an avid golfer in his early years, he did hone a fine stroke and a keen interest for the game later in life.

For many years prior to 2001 our Men's Open Tournament was named the Bill Hanley Memorial Open in honour of William (Bill) Hanley who, himself and his family, were strong advocates of golfing in our region. Unfortunately cancer took Bill's life far too early. At the request of the Hanley family, future Men's Open Tournaments were to be held in honour of other golfers who were instrumental in developing our course and furthering golfing within our area.

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