2013 SR's Twilights (55+) will once again be held on Thursday afternoons with tee off at 1:00 p.m. Formats will vary slightly but always be a 'team event'. Whether you are a member or not, it is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and families for a fun-filled afternoon. The ultimate goal is fun, so grab a friend and come out.
* Non-Members can play at the low cost of only $15.00 green fees (taxes in) *
2013 Results so far are below:
3-B Ontario District Senior Games (Wednesday, May 29th, 2013):
1-14        Gold    - Terry Cooper                          Callaway - Gold - Ray Salesse
15-26      Gold    - Gil Boyer                                1-25       - Gold - Charlotte Miller
               Silver  - Herb Boissoneau                     26-35     - Gold - Joyce Gilmore
               Bronze - John Cullen                                         - Silver - Connie Bryson
Callaway - Gold    - Agnes Tocheri                                     - Bronze - Lil Amadeo 
* 13 Participants in Total *
1. June 6th, 2013  SR's Twilight Results:  1. Tom Long, Daryl Davis, Ed Nicol, Bill Savage  2. John McKinnon, Roxanne McLellan, Bill Hiller
(14 in Attendance!)
2. June 13th, 2013  SR's Twilight Results:  T1. Jim Figliomeni, Louie Theriault, Paul Gauthier, Colleen Gauthier (34)   T1. Burton Phillips, Moreen Phillips, Ed Nicol, John Cullen (34)
(24 in Attendance!)
3. June 20th, 2013  SR's Twilight Results:  1. Don Beno, Daryl Davis, Coe Pellegrino
(22 in Attendance!)

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