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Club Executive

The Golf Club Executive for the 2014 Season is:
President - Bobby Spadoni 825-2577
Vice-President - Gil Boyer 825-9375
Treasurer - Paul Malashewski 825-9494
Secretary - Scott Adams (807) 825-9151 
Director and Greens-  Steve Chapman
Director - Steve Folousewych
Director - Ray Kurylo
Director - Stan Spadoni Sr.
Aguasabon Golf Course President Bobby Spadoni
Bobby Spadoni
Volunteers Required
The Golf Club has many committees which require the involvement of dedicated volunteers. If you can spare some of your time to help out one of the committees, please contact the appropriate Chair or an Executive Member as listed above. You do not have to be involved in the Club Executive to help out. A small effort by some others will reduce the efforts and strain on the few!
We honour the volunteer efforts of all the Club members who serve (and who have served in the past) on the Golf Club Executive and committees. We are also all thankful of the other members/golfers who have helped out in other capacities. Your involvement and committment to the betterment of the Club is very much appreciated.
Tournament Scheduler- Bobby Spadoni 807-825-2577
There are numerous tasks requiring time of volunteers; some require specialized skills or experience (ie. club house maintenance, clear trees & deadfall, repairs to club house and golf course equipment, running or assisting with tournaments, clearing snow from greens). Without the help of volunteers, many members of the Executive are going that extra mile and facing "burn-out". If the Club has to contract out a lot of these tasks, we will have no option but to increase membership rates and green fees. 

Annual Meeting & Semi-Annual Meeting
Watch for the next Annual Meeting (Fall) [Oct/Nov] and Semi-Annual Meeting (Spring) [May] to be scheduled at the Club House.

The Agenda for the meeting will be available in advance at the Club. You may send an E-mail with an item that you would like to raise at this meeting.

Golf Executive Meetings
Golf Club Executive Meetings are regularly scheduled throughout the summer golfing season and throughout the year. All members are welcome to attend. Please contact one of your Executive for the details and date of the next meeting.

If you would like to become involved with the Golf Club's Executive please contact one of the present Executive members or attend the Annual Meeting. Your participation and input is important and valued.


In the future, we hope to provide you with a link to download or read the Club's By-Laws.
A motion to amend the Club's By-Laws can be made at either of the Annual or Semi-Annual meetings, with the approval of the motion to be voted upon at the next Annual or Semi-Annual meeting.

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